Entirely forgot about updating this site, the following is the final video for our game development course

I'm currently working on my end-of education project in my game-development program.

The following is an demonstration trailer of what we've done until now:

The following is a showcase from the final product from a Prototyping course, made by me, Alexander Batsis, Sophie Åkesson and Magnus Zachariassen. We unfortunately had very little time to actually make the final prototype (we had to make several, using different tools). Made in Unity.


The following was the final product from a Concept course and was made by me, Fredrik Gustavsson, Karl Löwenberg, Katarina Persson and Joakim Vikström. Made in After Effects.


The following was the final product from a Level design course and was made by me and Karl Löwenberg. Made in UDK.

A number of short animations made in Maya, and two in MotionBuilder.

This is from my first animation course (from February-March 2012).
They are in order, so the first one is the earliest one, and the last one is from the end of the course.